Raquel C. de Melo-Minardi

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In this article, we describe a novel methodology to extract semantic characteristics from protein structures using linear algebra in order to compose structural signature vectors which may be used efficiently to compare and classify protein structures into fold families. These signatures are built from the pattern of hydrophobic intrachain interactions(More)
Bioinformatics research depends on high-quality databases to provide accurate results. In silico experiments, correctly performed, may prospect novel discoveries and elucidates pathways for biological experiments through data analysis in large scale. However, most biological databases have presented mistakes, such as data incorrectly classified or(More)
—As the area of information visualization grows, a massive amount of visualization techniques has been developed. Consequently, the choice of an appropriate visualization has become more complex, usually resulting in unsatisfactory data analysis. Although there exist models and classifications that could guide the choice of a visualization technique, they(More)
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