Raquel Brondísia Panizzi Fernandes

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The urinary tract infections associated with catheterization are very common in hospital and home care contexts. Currently there are several recommendations for its prevention, however, when approaching the kind of solute used in the urinary meatus prior to catheterization doubts continue to persist. Thus this study aimed at determining the effectiveness of(More)
The study was performed with the objective to understand the ethical challenges of implementing the Program, using a qualitative approach and focal group discussion. The study included members from different FHP teams in the city of Campo Bom (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil): three physicians, three nurses, two technicians, and four community health agents.(More)
The "Family Health" Strategy has been created to replace the traditional model of healthcare. It assumes the integration of subjective and social dimensions of users, overcoming the reduction of the health/disease process to pure technical-scientific limits. The scope of this article is to understand how the health professionals deal with popular wisdom of(More)
RESUMO As infeções do trato urinário associadas à cateterização são muito frequentes no contexto comunitário e hospitalar. Existem atualmente várias recomendações para sua prevenção, contudo, quando aborda-do o soluto a utilizar no meato urinário previamente à algaliação continuam a persistir dúvidas. Assim, este estudo pro-curou determinar a eficácia da(More)
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