Raquel Borges-Garcia

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Although chronic 17β-estradiol (E2) has been shown to be a cognition-preserving and neuroprotective agent in animal brain injury models, concern regarding its safety was raised by the failed translation of this phenomenon to the clinic. Previously, we demonstrated that a single bolus of E2 48 hr prior to ischemia protected the hippocampus from damage in(More)
Oral contraceptives (OC) and smoking-derived nicotine (N) are known to synergistically increase the risk and severity of cerebral ischemia in women. Although it has been known for some time that long-term use of OC and nicotine will have an increased risk of peripheral thrombus formation, little is known about how the combination of OC and nicotine(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examines possible bidirectional relationships between neighborhood climate (i.e., perceived neighborhood social environment) and walking behavior across a 12-month period in older Hispanics. METHOD A population-based sample of 217 community-dwelling older Hispanics in Miami, Florida, completed measures of perceived neighborhood(More)
OBJECTIVES The resource model of self-control posits that self-control is a finite resource that can be depleted. Individuals with diabetes must continually restrict their diet, requiring self-control. As a result, dietary adherence is difficult, and lapses are common. People with diabetes who overexert self-control following a lapse may be especially(More)
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