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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The goal of the present study was to examine a series of putative risk factors of poststroke dementia (PSD), especially those factors usually associated with cerebrovascular disease and degenerative dementia, in a series of 251 consecutive unselected stroke patients. METHODS A standard protocol was prospectively applied at admission(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE We sought to determine whether previous or incident dementia increases the risk of mortality after stroke. METHODS We assessed clinical, functional, and cognitive status in 324 consecutive stroke patients who were followed up for 24 months. Prestroke dementia was diagnosed at admission (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental(More)
BACKGROUND The history of venous thromboembolism (VTE), and the rationale for thromboprophylaxis in surgical patients are well understood. The situation is less clear for acutely ill medical patients. OBJECTIVES To compare the clinical presentation of VTE and clinical outcomes of immobile acutely ill medical patients with surgical patients. PATIENTS(More)
The Objective of this research was to study the relationship of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) genotype with serum triglycerides concentration in stroke patients. The insertion/deletion (I/D) ACE polymorphism was identified by using polymerase chain reaction in 122 prospectively studied ischemic stroke patients (age 45-91 years). Serum triglycerides(More)
BACKGROUND Advice from a medical expert on concerns and queries expressed anonymously through the Internet by patients and later posted on the Web, offers a new type of patient-doctor relationship. The aim of the current study was to perform a descriptive analysis of questions about AIDS and hepatitis made to an infectious disease expert and sent through(More)
BACKGROUND HIV-immigrant use of health services and related cost has hardly been analysed. We compared resource utilisation patterns and direct health care costs between Spanish and immigrant HIV-infected patients. METHODS All HIV-infected adult patients treated during the years 2003-2005 (372 patients) in this hospital were included. We evaluated the(More)
BACKGROUND The level of staffing in hospitals is often lower on weekends than on weekdays, despite a presumably consistent day-to-day burden of disease. It is uncertain whether in-hospital mortality rates among patients with serious conditions differ according to whether they are admitted on a weekend or on a weekday. METHODS We analyzed all acute care(More)
BACKGROUND Some reports have shown that the risk of death is higher for patients admitted on weekends than for patients who go into the hospital on weekdays. This study was conducted to assess what independent influence, if any, weekend admission might have on mortality in our hospital. METHODS The clinical data of 35,993 adult (>14 years) patients(More)
We studied 20 unselected patients admitted to our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) suffering from acute respiratory failure (ARF), who needed mechanical ventilatory support. In all of them we followed a prospective protocol to investigate the value of mouth occlusion pressure (P0.1) as an indicator for weaning. Fifty-two tests were classified into three groups: a(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Cognitive decline occurs in approximately 30% of stroke patients. Acute risk factors have been identified, but long-term risk has not been examined in large samples. The purpose of this research was to determine factors associated with the progression of cognitive impairment after stroke. METHODS Consecutive stroke patients (193)(More)