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Progression towards AIDS can vary from 5 to 10 years from the establishment of the primary infection by HIV-1 to more than 10 years in the complete absence of antiretroviral therapy. Several factors can contribute to the outcome of HIV infection, including host genetic and viral replicating characteristics. Historically, nef-deleted viral genomes have been(More)
The 30 different species of mRNAs synthesized during the HIV-1 replication cycle are all capped and polyadenilated. Internal ribosome entry sites have been recognized in the 5' untranslated region of some mRNA species of HIV-1, which would contribute to an alternative mechanism of initiation of mRNA translation. However, the Cap-dependent translation is(More)
Dengue virus infection is a serious public health problem in endemic areas of the world where 2.5 billion people live. Clinical manifestations of the Dengue infection range from a mild fever to fatal cases of hemorrhagic fever. Although being the most rapidly spreading mosquito-borne viral infection in the world, until now no strategies are available for(More)
Violence among spectators at sports events has become a serious problem, not only for its evident impact on safety, but also from the perspective of environmental, cultural, economic and social sustainability. Although it could be considered a purely social problem, some solutions could come from a smart and efficient design and management of the lighting(More)
Mayaro virus (MAYV) is an arthropod-borne virus and a member of the family Togaviridae, genus Alphavirus. Its infection leads to an acute illness accompanied by long-lasting arthralgia. To date, there are no antiviral drugs or vaccines against infection with MAYV and resources for the prevention or treatment of other alphaviruses are very limited. MAYV has(More)
The efficiency of lighting installations is a major challenge concerning Governments, productive sectors and individuals. However, the importance of accurate lighting in some areas, especially those related to Health and Wellbeing is so critical that the constraints of energy efficiency and sustainability are not always a priority. This situation has become(More)
This work describes the synthesis and biological evaluation of an anchimerically activated proTide of 2'-C-β-methylguanosine as an inhibitor of dengue virus 2 (DENV-2). The proTide incorporates a chemically cleavable 2-(methylthio)ethyl moiety and a HINT1 hydrolyzable tryptamine phosphoramidate. Inhibition of DENV-2 replication by proTide 6 was 5-fold(More)
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