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The term "DNA fingerprint" has been used to describe the extensive restriction fragment length polymorphism associated with hypervariable minisatellites present in the human genome. Until now, it was necessary to hybridize Southern blots to specific probes cloned from human genomic DNA in order to obtain individual-specific restriction patterns. The present(More)
A new family of "hypervariable minisatellites" has been identified in the genome of man and of a variety of animal species using as a probe a DNA segment isolated from the M 13 bacteriophage. This finding provides a new series of hyperpolymorphic genetic markers and renders the "DNA-fingerprinting" methodology available to every molecular biology laboratory.
The way i n w h i c h I w as inspired to do this is deeply signiicant a n d characteristic of the nature of artistic creation. I had long contemplated bringing in the choir in the last movement, and only the fear that it would be taken as a formal imitation of Beethoven made me hesitate again and again. Then B ulow died, and I went to the memorial service.(More)