Raphaela Schoon

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The zebrafish (Danio rerio) is an important model in evolutionary developmental biology, and its study is being revolutionized by the zebrafish genome project. Sequencing is at an advanced stage, but annotation is largely the result of in silico analyses. We have performed genomic annotation, comparative genomics, and transcriptional analysis using(More)
In dense stratified systems such as microbial mats, photosynthesis and respiration are coupled due to a tight spatial overlap between oxygen-producing and -consuming microorganisms. We combined microsensors and a membrane inlet mass spectrometer with two independent light sources emitting in the visible (VIS) and near infrared (NIR) regions to study this(More)
Epilithic and endolithic biofilms were found to control the formation of stromatolites in karst-water creeks. We used microsensors to determine the influence of biological processes on chemical conditions within the microenvironment of crystal nucleation sites: the stromatolite surface. Phototrophic members of the biofilms consisted of mainly cyanobacteria(More)
Variations in morphology, fatty acids, pigments and cyanobacterial community composition were studied in microbial mats across intertidal flats of the arid Arabian Gulf coast. These mats experience combined extreme conditions of salinity, temperature, UV radiation and desiccation depending on their tidal position. Different mat forms were observed depending(More)
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