Raphael Vicente Rosa

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When rolling out Network Function Virtualization (NFV) services, resource monitoring becomes a critical task subject to different cost-accuracy tradeoffs depending on whether continuous monitoring or more static infrastructure resource views are taken. In this context, we propose Virtualized Network Functions (VNF) Benchmark-as-a-Service (VBaaS) to enable(More)
Motivated by the vision of Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) spanning different administrative domains, this position paper makes the case for multi-domain, distributed NFV (MD2-NFV). To this end, we present MD2-NFV as a natural evolution of the NFV paradigm to deliver a distributed deployment of Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs) as a service. By(More)
Software Defined Networking (SDN) has opened new ways to design, deploy, and operate networks with new abstractions and programmability at network control and data planes. In this paper, we approach SDN to embed virtual data center networks employing the Network-as-a-Service model. The proposed architecture is built upon abstractions to create a virtual(More)
Based on Software Defined Network paradigm we apply the Network-as-a-Service model to build a data center network architecture well-suited to the problem of virtual networks embedding. This task is performed by the algorithm proposed in this paper, which is based on aggregated information from a virtual routing plane using the BGP protocol and a physical(More)
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