Raphael Sivan

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  • H Elliott, W A Wolovich, H Kwakernaak, R Sivan, Nahum Shimkin, Arie Feuer
  • 1988
A parameter adaptive control stmcture for linear multivariable systems,'' IEEE Trans. Abstract-Global convergence of a number of discrete-time adaptive control algorithms with persistently exciting inputs has been established in the literature. A key element of the convergence proof is the " block-invariance " feature of the algorithm. Namely, while the(More)
A model of the sarcomeric control of contraction at various loading conditions has to maintain three cardinal features: stability, controllability (where the output can be controlled by the input), and observability (where the output reflects the effects of all the state variables). The suggested model of the sarcomere couples calcium kinetics with(More)
Analysis of the hystereses in the force-length relationship at constant Ca(2+) concentration and in the force-calcium relationship at constant sarcomere length (SL) provides insight into the mechanisms that control cross-bridge (XB) recruitment. The hystereses are related here to two mechanisms that regulate the number of strong XBs: the cooperativity,(More)
Analysis of hystereses in force length and force calcium relations intact animal to the cellular, subcellular, and molecular levels. It is published 12 times a year (monthly) by the American Physiological lymphatics, including experimental and theoretical studies of cardiovascular function at all levels of organization ranging from the publishes original(More)
In this paper, we report on two experiments concerning the effect of the visual field of fovea on the subjective estimation of angular velocity. Experiment 1 investigates the effect of a slow moving target on the perception of self motion. The result of this experiment can be summarized as follows: a slow moving target seen in the visual field of fovea by a(More)
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