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This paper deals with the rendering issues of the problem of producing a real-time convincing surgery simulation. The main scope of our project is to simulate laparoscopic liver surgery. Nevertheless large parts of the technique apply to other organs. We address three aspects of the appearance of the organ surface: the organ skin texture, the specular(More)
BACKGROUND Plantar pressure leads to stress on plantar tissue and can be seen as risk factor for metatarsal stress fractures or plantar ulcers and is associated with prolonged and complicated recurrence of existing tissue damages. A clear demarcation of a systematic raise of body load regarding its effect on plantar pressure has not been described. (More)
Muscle injuries frequently occur during sport and are one of the commonest injuries. The diagnosis and treatment of muscle injuries impose high demands on medical treatment, in order to ensure successful regeneration and a rapid return to sport. Most of the injuries can be treated conservatively, as skeletal muscles have a high endogenous capacity for(More)
8410 samples from Moscovy duck, Pekin duck and geese were incorporated into examinations of antibodies against the Newcastle Disease virus. A new enzyme-immuno-assay (EIA) for antibody detection in Moscovy duck and Pekin duck was developed using purified antigen from NDV-strain "La Sota". The epidemiology as well as the relation of incidence of the(More)
Several clinical observations in cases where implantations carried out alio loco lead to severe complications, prompted us to report five of these cases and to clarify with reference to the relevant literature the causative factors which have led to the failures. We hope hereby to contribute to the knowledge possibility of error and the limitations of the(More)
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