Raphael Gillett

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Meta-analysis is a statistical tool for estimating the mean and variance of underlying population effects from a collection of empirical studies addressing ostensibly the same research question. Meta-analysis has become an increasing popular and valuable tool in psychological research, and major review articles typically employ these methods. This article(More)
The adaptational-continuum model of personality and coping suggests a useful context for research areas that emphasize both personality and coping. The present paper used Ferguson's (2001) model integrating personality and coping factors to further conceptualize findings around celebrity worship. Three hundred and seventy-two respondents completed measures(More)
In two longitudinal studies, the authors examined the direction of the relationships between trait gratitude, perceived social support, stress, and depression during a life transition. Both studies used a full cross-lagged panel design, with participants completing all measures at the start and end of their first semester at college. Structural equation(More)
When an individual is engaged in sampling from a finite population, an assessment of their working memory for previously sampled objects is often desired. An extension of the classical occupancy distribution provides a framework for testing hypotheses about working memory capacity, based on a general model of working memory in which the individual retains a(More)
Several well-known neuropsychological tests of working memory performance, hitherto thought to be unrelated, in fact share a common structure termed here the self-ordered selection paradigm. Examples include the subject-ordered pointing task, variants of the Corsi blocks test, the multiple-location search task, and the letter-recitation task. The defining(More)
Six-year-old children were presented with 12 identically labelled locations in a room and required to search non-redundantly for the six that contained rewards. On each day they could commit Across-Trial Memory (ATM) errors by visiting non-rewarded locations, or Within-Trial Memory (WTM) errors by revisiting locations previously visited that day. Groups(More)
We examined mindfulness in people with chronic low back pain who were attending a multidisciplinary pain management programme. Participants completed questionnaires at baseline (n=116) and after a 3-month cognitive-behaviourally informed multidisciplinary intervention (n=87). Self-reported mindfulness was measured before and after the intervention, and(More)
The primary studies in a meta-analysis of standardized mean differences generally include a mixture of single-factor t tests and multifactor analysis of variance designs. Accordingly, there is a need for effect-size measures in multifactor designs that are metrically comparable with measures in single-factor t tests. Two models, the variance-preservation(More)
In a stalking scenario, the prior relationship between and the gender of stalker and victim were systematically manipulated in order to judge culpability and consequences for the persons involved. Written vignettes were presented to 168 participants who responded via seven Likert scales. Stalker-victim relationship had three levels: ex-partner, acquaintance(More)
The aim of the present studies was to generate implicit theories of a desire for fame among the general population. In Study 1, we were able to develop a nine-factor analytic model of conceptions of the desire to be famous that initially comprised nine separate factors; ambition, meaning derived through comparison with others, psychologically vulnerable,(More)