Raphael Cournol

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The bacterial pathogen Erwinia amylovora causes the devastating disease known as fire blight in some rosaceous plants including apple and pear. One of the pathogenicity factors affecting fire blight development is the production of a siderophore, desferrioxamine, which overcomes the limiting conditions in plant tissues and also protects bacteria against(More)
The efficient production of marker-free transgenic plants is still a challenge in most fruit species even though such plants are a necessary component of many “new breeding technologies”, particularly cis- and intragenesis. Marker-free plant production is also necessary for the successive stacking of genes in an elite fruit transgenic line. Here, we used a(More)
Postharvest texture change is a fundamental question for fruit growers and breeders as it drives consumer acceptability. To decipher the genetic control of fruit texture, we studied an apple segregating population over 2 years at harvest and after 2 months of cold storage. Texture complexity was dissected in quantitative traits, related to (i) sensory(More)
The development of alternative selection systems without antibiotic resistance genes is a key issue to produce safer and more acceptable transgenic plants. Eutypine is a toxin produced by Eutypa lata, the causal agent of eutypa dieback of grapevine, which is detoxified in mung bean (Vigna radiata) by the gene Vr-ERE. Many phytotoxic compounds containing an(More)
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