Raphael Cohn

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Learned and adaptive behaviors rely on neural circuits that flexibly couple the same sensory input to alternative output pathways. Here, we show that the Drosophila mushroom body functions like a switchboard in which neuromodulation reroutes the same odor signal to different behavioral circuits, depending on the state and experience of the fly. Using(More)
Ingestion is a highly regulated behavior that integrates taste and hunger cues to balance food intake with metabolic needs. To study the dynamics of ingestion in the vinegar fly Drosophila melanogaster, we developed Expresso, an automated feeding assay that measures individual meal-bouts with high temporal resolution at nanoliter scale. Flies showed(More)
The CDP-alcohol phosphotransferase (CDP-AP) family of integral membrane enzymes catalyses the transfer of a substituted phosphate group from a CDP-linked donor to an alcohol acceptor. This is an essential reaction for phospholipid biosynthesis across all kingdoms of life, and it is catalysed solely by CDP-APs. Here we report the 2.0 Å resolution crystal(More)
This paper explores the semantics of a combinatory fragment of reFLect, the λ-calculus underlying a functional language used by Intel Corporation for hardware design and verification. ReFLect is similar to ML, but has a primitive data type whose elements are the abstract syntax trees of reFLect expressions themselves. Following the LCF paradigm, this is(More)
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