Raphael Chung-Wei Phan

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The coming of the digital information age in the 21 st century provides a challenging and paradigm-shifting task for business enterprises. Faced with the threat of " adapt or be left behind " , business organizations require the necessary know-how to compete, survive and eventually leave other organizations behind. The internet is currently the most popular(More)
Most identity-based identification (IBI) schemes proposed in recent literature are built using pairing operations. This decreases efficiency due to the high operation costs of pairings. Furthermore, most of these IBI schemes are proven to be secure against impersonation under active and concurrent attacks using interactive assumptions such as the one-more(More)
Identification schemes are a common one-way authentication technique for a user to prove himself securely to a verifier. However, it is known that identification schemes based on the sigma-protocol are basically insecure against reset attacks. On the other-hand, attribute-based cryptography is a technique which allows for the secure implementation of access(More)
In this paper, we present a mini version of Rijndael, the symmetric-key block cipher selected as the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) recently. Mini-AES has all the parameters significantly reduced while at the same time preserving its original structure. It is meant to be a purely educational cipher and is not considered secure for actual applications.(More)
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