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By combining techniques of watermarking and fingerprinting , a sound buyer-seller watermarking protocol can address the issue of copyright protection in e-commerce. In this paper, we analyze the security of two recent anonymous buyer-seller watermarking protocols proposed by Ju et. al and Choi et. al respectively, and prove that they do not provide the(More)
Facial expression recognition forms a critical capability desired by human-interacting systems that aim to be responsive to variations in the human's emotional state. Recent trends toward cloud computing and outsourcing has led to the requirement for facial expression recognition to be performed remotely by potentially untrusted servers. This paper presents(More)
The hash function Skein is the submission of Ferguson et al. to the NIST Hash Competition, and is arguably a serious candidate for selection as SHA-3. This paper presents the first third-party analysis of Skein, with an extensive study of its main component: the block cipher Threefish. We notably investigate near collisions, distinguishers, impossible(More)