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STUDY DESIGN Retrospective radiographic and clinical review. OBJECTIVE To determine the feasibility of iliosacral screw fixation in adult spinal deformations. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Pelvic fixation is one of the most challenging instrumentation problems. The poor bone quality frequently found within the sacrum and the large lumbosacral loads with(More)
Aneurysmal bone cyst (ABC) is a benign hemorrhagic tumor, commonly revealed by local pain. The best treatment for this lesion is still controversial. We report the case of a patient with chronic neck pain revealing an ABC of the third cervical vertebra. After percutaneous injection of a small amount of polymethyl-methacrylate bone cement, the patient(More)
In long bones, cementoplasty alone does not provide sufficient stability, which may cause secondary fractures. This study reviewed the safety and efficacy of reinforced cementoplasty (RC) (percutaneous internal fixation using dedicated spindles combined with cementoplasty) for unstable malignant lesions of the cervicotrochanteric region (CTR) of the(More)
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