Raphael Bertrand

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Pleural responses in rats after the implantation of 17 samples of fibrous glass allowed Stanton et al. (1977) to formulate a statistical interpretation of the relationship between the carcinogenicity of this material and its dimensional characteristics. Using the data from that study, a new statistical approach has been developed, using correspondence(More)
The development of feeding behaviour in European roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) was studied using nine fawns, from birth to 1.5 months. They were offered individually, seven plant species in random order, one at a time, and their feeding behaviour recorded. The results were compared to the behaviour of eight adults offered the same plants, which were chosen(More)
We investigate here the Central Limit Theorem of the Increment Ratio Statistic of a multifractional Brownian motion, leading to a CLT for the time varying Hurst index. The proofs are quite simple relying on Breuer-Major theorems and an original freezing of time strategy. A simulation study shows the goodness of fit of this estimator.
In different applications (health, finance,...), abrupt changes on the spectral density of long memory processes provide relevant information. In this work, we concern ourself with off-line detection. However, our method is close to the sliding window which is typically a sequential analysis method. We model data by Gaussian processes with locally(More)
In certain applications, for instance biomechanics, turbulence, finance, or Internet traffic, it seems suitable to model the data by a generalization of a fractional Brownian motion for which the Hurst parameter H is depending on the frequency as a piece-wise constant function. These processes are called multiscale fractional Brownian motions. In this(More)
Comparative 13C--15N coupling constants are reported for the linear dipeptide tBoc-L-[U-13C]Ala-[15N]GlyOMe and the corresponding cyclic diketopiperazine, both in dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) and, upon removal of the tBoc group, in water solutions. Spectra were obtained by 13C NMR and by the first application of J cross-polarization (JCP) 15N NMR, which greatly(More)
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