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In this paper we propose using computational tests for appraising the inaccuracies of index numbers (for example, price and wage indices). This is done by programming a hypothetical situation where the true average index value is known and the variation of prices and quantities and the relation between them can be chosen. The indices are then calculated(More)
Our proposal has the following key features: 1) The separation of a distributed program into a pure algorithm (PurAl) and a distribution/communication declaration (DUAL). This yields flexible programs capable of handling different kinds of data/program distribution with no change to the pure algorithm. 2) Implicit or automatic handling of communication via(More)
First courses in computer science usually deal with sequential algorithms and programs. Unfortunately, this gets students accustomed to sequential thinking, making it hard for them to understand and effectively use parallelism later. On the other hand, because parallel programming is so difficult, introducing it at an early stage is impractical. So, my(More)
Techniques are presented for ensuring well-defined parallel and unordered sequential execution (flexible execution), where values read are independent of the permitted execution orders. This is done by refining the scope rules of variables and defining where they may be initialized, where they may be updated, and where they may be read. Given these refined(More)
This article presents an overview of a beginner's course on flexible algorithms. We briefly describe this notation's main features and present fragments from this course. The core algorithmic notation of flexible algorithms is based on functions with In parameters and Out parameters (but no In/Out parameters) and conditional statements. As in mathematics,(More)
We define and classify a family of parallel automata (for Real-Time and Telecommunication modeling) in the context of a synchronous execution. First, an abstract form of Parallel automata is proposed as a generalization of various "Extended-Finite-states-Machines" found in the literature. Then, two implementable forms of Parallel Automata are presented : A(More)
As a deterministic parallel programming language that guarantees safety of parallel executions, EFL was designed to allow the embedding of parallel code blocks into a sequential host language program. An EFL pre-compiler, which is described here, has been implemented that translates EFL blocks into the host language. The EFL pre-compiler and runtime(More)
What can we do about the issues they raised? What can we do as mathematicians? What can we do as human beings? As mathematicians we should require that the financial indicators should be accurate and stable. In my studies of formulae of price indices, I demonstrate these problems and propose a formula with good accuracy and stability characteristics for(More)