Raphaël Rouveure

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Soil volumetric structure is an important parameter for tillage operation. The aim of this paper is to assess whether volume characteristics can be inferred from radar measurements. A 2-D numerical model (the 2DSCAT model) was developed based on a numerical solver using a time-domain finite-element method to solve Maxwell’s equations. Perfectly matched(More)
This article presents a real-time control system for an agricultural mobile machine (vehicle) based on an on-board vision system using a single camera. This system has been designed in order to help human beings in repetitive and diicult tasks in the agricultural domain. The aim of the robotics application concerns the control of the vehicle with regard to(More)
In this paper, we introduce a geometric method for 3D reconstruction of the exterior environment using a panoramic microwave radar and a camera. We rely on the complementarity of these two sensors considering the robustness to the environmental conditions and depth detection ability of the radar, on the one hand, and the high spatial resolution of a vision(More)
The detection and tracking of moving objects (DATMO) in an outdoor environment from a mobile robot are difficult tasks because of the wide variety of dynamic objects. A reliable discrimination of mobile and static detections without any prior knowledge is often conditioned by a good position estimation obtained using Global Positionning System/Differential(More)
Robust environmental perception is a crucial parameter for the development of autonomous ground vehicle applications, especially in the field of agricultural robotics which is one of the priorities for the Horizon 2020 robotics funding (EU funding program for research and innovation). Because of uncontrolled and changing environmental conditions in outdoor(More)
The conscience of the surrounding environment is inevitable task for several applications such as mapping, autonomous navigation and localization. In this paper we are interested by exploiting the complementarity of a panoramic microwave radar and a monocular camera for 3D reconstruction of large scale environments. Considering the robustness to(More)
This paper addresses the problem of perception for autonomous vehicle navigation in real environments. Integrity safe navigation of autonomous vehicles in unknown environments poses a traversability problem. We are interested in the integrity-safe navigation in unknown environments. Safe navigation is a task that depends on the knowledge of the surrounding(More)
In this paper we introduce a new geometric calibration algorithm, and a geometric method of 3D reconstruction using a panoramic microwave radar and a camera. These two sensors are complementary, considering the robustness to environmental conditions and depth detection ability of the radar on one hand, and the high spatial resolution of a vision sensor on(More)