Raphaël Poncet

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The two-dimensional striation model consists of a nonlinear system of PDE's which arises in the modeling of the ionospheric plasma. The local-in-time existence of strong solutions is first proved using Banach's fixed point theorem. Then, under physically relevant assumptions , the system is shown to be nonlinearly unstable as soon as it is linearly(More)
A novel tool for tsunami wave modelling is presented. This tool has the potential of being used for operational purposes: indeed, the numerical code VOLNA is able to handle the complete life-cycle of a tsunami (generation, propagation and run-up along the coast). The algorithm works on unstructured triangular meshes and thus can be run in arbitrary complex(More)
In this paper, stable and " low-diffusive " multidimensional interface capturing (IC) schemes using slope limiters are discussed. It is known that direction-by-direction slope-limited MUSCL schemes create geometrical artefacts and thus return a poor accuracy. We here focus on this particular issue and show that the reconstruction of gradient directions are(More)
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