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Tin-free oximation, vinylation, and allylation of alkyl halides have been developed by using allylsilanes as di-tin surrogates. Initiation of the radical process with a peroxide provides the silyl radical, which can abstract a halogen from the corresponding alkyl halide. The resulting carbon-centered radical then adds to various acceptors, including a(More)
The addition of fluorinated alcohols to onium salts provides highly efficient organocatalysts for the chemical fixation of CO2 into epoxides under mild experimental conditions. The combination of online kinetic studies, NMR titrations and DFT calculations allows understanding this synergistic effect that provides an active organocatalyst for CO2 /epoxides(More)
A rapid, sensitive method for assaying volatile impact compounds in white wine was developed using gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (GC-MS/MS) technology, with a triple quadrupole analyzer operating in chemical ionization and electron impact mode. This GC-MS/MS method made it possible to assay volatile thiols (3SH: 3-sulfanylhexanol, formerly(More)
Products of the reaction of OH radicals with propene, trans-2-butene, and 1-butene have been investigated in a fast flow reactor, coupled with time-of-flight mass spectrometry, at pressures between 0.8 and 3.0 Torr. The product determination includes H atom abstraction channels as well as site-specific OH addition. The OH radicals are produced by the H +(More)
Molecular dynamics (MD) simulations have been coupled to valence bond/Hartree-Fock (VB/HF) quantum-chemical calculations to evaluate the impact of diagonal and off-diagonal disorder on charge carrier mobilities in self-assembled one-dimensional stacks of a perylene diimide (PDI) derivative. The relative distance and orientation of the PDI cores probed along(More)
Recent studies of neutral gas-phase reactions characterized by barriers show that certain complex forming processes involving light atoms are enhanced by quantum mechanical tunneling at low temperature. Here, we performed kinetic experiments on the activated C((3)P) + H2O reaction, observing a surprising reactivity increase below 100 K, an effect that is(More)
The semiconducting and self-assembling properties of columnar discotic liquid crystals have stimulated intense research toward their application in organic solar cells, although with a rather disappointing outcome to date in terms of efficiencies. These failures call for a rational strategy to choose those molecular design features (e.g., lattice parameter,(More)
The nature and strength of the interactions occurring between epoxides and CO(2) have been investigated by combining infrared spectroscopy with quantum chemistry calculations. A series of infrared absorption experiments on four model epoxide molecules highly diluted in supercritical CO(2) have been performed at constant temperature T = 40 °C for various(More)
By combining classical samplings with quantum chemistry semiempirical time-dependent Hartree-Fock calculations, the high impact of dynamic fluctuations on the NLO properties of helical strands has been evidenced. In particular, these fluctuations are responsible for relative variations of approximately 20% in the hyper-Rayleigh responses in both(More)
The gas phase reaction of the hydroxyl radical with allene has been studied theoretically and experimentally in a continuous supersonic flow reactor over the range 50 ≤ T/K ≤ 224. This reaction has been found to exhibit a negative temperature dependence over the entire temperature range investigated, varying between (0.75 and 5.0) × 10(-11) cm(3)(More)