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One requirement that arises for a social (semi-autonomous telepresence) robot aimed at conversations with the elderly, is to accommodate hearing problems. In this paper we compare two approaches to this requirement; (1) moving closer, mimicking the leaning behavior commonly observed in elderly with hearing problems, (2) turning up the volume, which is a(More)
— TERESA is a socially intelligent semi-autonomous telepresence system that is currently being developed as part of an FP7-STREP project funded by the European Union. The ultimate goal of the project is to deploy this system in an elderly day centre to allow elderly people to participate in social events even when they are unable to travel to the centre. In(More)
The cloacogenic zone of the anal canal is a vestigial remnant of the cloacal membrane. This region corresponds to the columnae anales and anal glands. The epithelial lining of the anal glands and of the cloacogenic zone is of the transitional variety. The anal glands are well known to the surgeon because of their role in the pathogenesis of perianal(More)