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Conditional Reactive Systems
We lift the notion of nested application conditions from graph transformation systems to the general categorical setting of reactive systems as defined by Leifer and Milner. Expand
Mi-Cho-Coq, a framework for certifying Tezos Smart Contracts
This article presents Mi-Cho-Coq, a framework for formal verification of Tezos smart contracts, written in the Michelson programming language. Expand
Checking Zenon Modulo Proofs in Dedukti
We present a shallow embedding into Dedukti of proofs produced by Zenon Modulo, an extension of the tableau-based first-order theorem prover Zenon to deduction modulo and typing. Expand
Dedukti : a Logical Framework based on the λ Π-Calculus Modulo Theory
Dedukti is a Logical Framework based on the λΠ-Calculus Modulo Theory. We show that many theories can be expressed in Dedukti: constructive and classical predicate logic, Simple type theory,Expand
Objects and subtyping in the λΠ-calculus modulo
We present a shallow embedding of the Object Calculus of Abadi and Cardelli in the λΠ-calculus modulo, an extension of the λΠ-calculus in which conversion is considered modulo a rewrite system. ThisExpand
Albert, an intermediate smart-contract language for the Tezos blockchain
In this article we present Albert, an intermediate language for Tezos smart contracts which abstracts Michelson stacks as linearly typed records. Expand
A Rewrite System for Proof Constructivization
We use the ability of rewrite systems to represent partial functions to implement heuristics for proof constructivism in Dedukti, a logical framework based on rewriting in which proofs are first-class objects which can be the subject of computation. Expand
FoCaLiZe and Dedukti to the Rescue for Proof Interoperability
We propose in this paper a methodology to combine proofs coming from different theorem provers. Expand
ML Pattern-Matching, Recursion, and Rewriting: From FoCaLiZe to Dedukti
We extend the FoCaLiZe compiler by a backend to the Dedukti language in order to benefit from Zenon Modulo, an extension of Zenon for Deduction modulo. Expand
Mixing HOL and Coq in Dedukti (Rough Diamond)
We use Dedukti as a logical framework for interoperability. We use automated tools to translate different developments made in HOL and in Coq to Dedukti and we combine them to prove new results.