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Primary intraspinal peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumors (pPNETs) are extremely rare tumors with only seven reported cases in the literature. The histopathologic diagnosis of this tumor is complex and has led to a variety of treatment approaches. The distinction between central and peripheral type primary spinal cord PNETs has not always been made in(More)
Primary cutaneous mucormycosis is a rare opportunistic fungal infection that is usually limited to the skin. We describe a primary cutaneous Rhizopus infection occurring at a site occluded by a sterile adhesive dressing in which the disease was viscerally disseminated at the time fo diagnosis. Mucormycosis should be considered in all ecthyma-like lesions in(More)
BACKGROUND Anatomical and functional assessment of the collateral circulation of the heart in total arterial occlusions is challenging, and this is particularly true of the microcirculation. The pathophysiology of the collateral circulation has historically been and remains of considerable research focus but with diverging and sometimes conflicting results.(More)
The object of this study was to demonstrate that the dental prosthetic therapy that has long been shown to be effective in the treatment of idiopathic ov Spontaneous Orofacial Dyskinesia (SOFD) was also effective in the treatment of the orofacial manifestations of Tardive Dyskinesia (TD). This preliminary work consisted of evaluation of the results of(More)
AIM To conduct a systematic review and meta-analysis on retrograde wiring in chronic total occlusions (CTOs) with focus on its safety and feasibility. METHODS AND RESULTS We searched publications from 1990 to December 2013 in PubMed, Ovid, EMBASE, and the Cochrane database inserting a number of terms relating to the collateral circulation of the heart in(More)
The case of a 6-year-old boy who developed childhood disintegrative disorder (Heller syndrome) at the age of 4 years is presented, and specifics of the neurologic evaluation are detailed. A table is provided suggesting the complete neurologic work-up with the potential findings for children presenting with signs and symptoms of deterioration. A hypothesis(More)
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