Raoul Textoris

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In our modern societies, technological systems are taking on a large part in numerous domains such as automatic control, calculation, communication, information technologies, etc. They are put in place in more and more fields e.g. production, defense, national security, space, etc. These very important developments are offering new possibilities such as(More)
In our modern societies, socio-technological systems and human system interactions are taking on a large part in numerous domains such as health, control of risk, people safety, communication, information technologies, and so on. In order to manage such systems, it is necessary to put in place the most relevant indicators. To facilitate decision making in(More)
While it has been established for many years that the management of Occupational Safety and Health (OHS) is carried out by means of management systems, the question of how to measure the performance and control of these systems is still current. Uncertainties related to their operation and the difficulty of gathering information about their level of(More)