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Populations living at high altitude are known to have a number of distinctive physiologic traits, including an increase in lung volume and compliance. We asked whether the factors that result in the increased compliance of high altitude natives were sufficiently expressed in utero that an increase in respiratory system compliance (Crs) could be detected at(More)
BACKGROUND The somatostatin analogue, ectrootide, is being used to treat postprandial hypotension in patients with autonomic neuropathy. Although the therapeutic effect of the drug is presumably secondary to a splanchnic vasoconstrictor action, its effect on splanchnic hemodynamics has never been characterized in patients with autonomic neuropathy.(More)
BACKGROUND Surgical treatment of chronic osteomyelitis requires aggressive debridement followed by wound coverage and obliteration of dead space with vascularized tissue. Controversy remains as to the effectiveness of different tissue types in achieving these goals and in the eradication of disease. METHODS Chronic osteomyelitis was induced in 26 goat(More)
Female rats emit calls during copulation that appear to be associated with their own proceptive behavior. In an earlier study, we had determined that females emit calls when presented with odor cues from a sexually competent adult male. Two experiments were undertaken to determine whether females would vocalize when presented with tape recorded male(More)
Bowel and mesenteric injuries are common sequelae of blunt abdominal trauma. CT represents a valuable modality in the diagnosis of bowel and mesenteric injuries. While certain findings on CT are highly specific, such as free air and extravasation of oral contrast agent, they are insensitive and seen only in the minority of patients. Therefore, radiologists(More)
The purpose of this study is to test a new pulse sequence, fast inversion recovery for myelin suppression (FIRMS) for its ability to improve the conspicuity of gray matter. Twenty-six seizure patients were scanned with FIRMS as well as standard sequences. Gray matter conspicuity was evaluated objectively using region-of-interest calculations, including(More)