Raouia Mokni

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The Palmprint recognition is a reliable method to identify the person. Actually, several researchers are interested in this method in the last few years thanks to its intense contributions to public security. This paper aims to present a biometric system based on a new approach that focuses on the dominant features of palmprint for recognition. It also(More)
In this paper, we propose a new system for identification and verification of offline handwriting signature. The identification allows knowing the owner of such a signature, whereas the verification allows verifying the authenticity of a given signature. In recognition systems, the phase of feature extraction represents the most pertinent step. Therefore,(More)
We propose an efficient method for principal line extraction from the palmprint and geometric framework for analyzing their shapes. This representation, along with the elastic Riemannian metric, seems natural for measuring principal line deformations and is robust to challenges such as orientation variation and re-parameterization due to pose variation and(More)
Recently, personal identification, which is based on the palmprint texture features analysis, has widely attracted the attention of several researchers and has gained a great popularity in the pattern recognition field. In this paper, we present a novel methodology based on texture information extracted from palmprint. Firstly, we propose an algorithm to(More)
As a machine learning algorithms, deep learning algorithms developed in recent years, have been successfully practiced in many fields of computer vision, like face recognition, object detection and image classification. These Deep algorithms look for drawing out a very performing representation of the data, among which image and speech, through multi-layers(More)
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