Raoudha Ellouze-Ghorbel

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AIM To produce high laccase activities from the white-rot fungus Fomes fomentarius. METHODS AND RESULTS Different culturing methods, viz, cell immobilization on stainless steel sponges and plastic material and solid-state fermentation (SSF) using wheat bran as substrate were used for laccase production by the white-rot fungus F. fomentarius. The SSF study(More)
Statistical approaches were employed for the optimization of different cultural parameters for the production of laccase by the white rot fungus Fomes fomentarius MUCL 35117 in wheat bran-based solid medium. first, screening of production parameters was performed using an asymmetrical design 2(5)3(3)//16, and the variables with statistically significant(More)
The decolorization of direct Solophenyl red 3BL (SR), a polyazo dye extensively used in textile industry was studied. The Fomes fomentarius laccase alone did not decolorize SR. The natural redox mediator, acetosyringone (AS), was necessary for decolorization to occur. Box-Behnken design was used to evaluate the effects of three parameters, namely, enzyme(More)
BACKGROUND Statistically based experimental designs were applied to Bacillus subtilis SPB1 biosurfactant extraction. The extracted biosurfactant was tested as an additive in dough formulation. RESULTS The Plackett-Burman screening method showed that methanol volume, agitation speed and operating temperature affect biosurfactant extraction. The effect was(More)
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