Raoudha Ellouz Ghorbel

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By applying a fed-batch strategy, production of Penicillium occitanis mannanases could be almost doubled as compared to a batch cultivation on acacia seeds (76 versus 41 U/mL). Also, a 10-fold increase of enzyme activities was observed from shake flask fermentation to the fed-batch fermentation. These production levels were 3-fold higher than those obtained(More)
Actinomycetes form an enormous reservoir of secondary metabolites and enzymes. The potential for exploiting rare actinomycetes is highlighted by the discovery of novel compounds from strains of Spirillospora and Nocardioides. Novel compounds of well known classes of antibiotics, such as polyenes, continue to be discovered. For compounds containing a(More)
In recent years, great interest has been devoted to the development of new applications for natural gums. These molecules were used for a variety of purposes since they are chemically inert, non-toxic, less expensive, biodegradable and widely available. They represent one of the most abundant raw materials used not only in commercial food products, but also(More)
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