Rao R. Nemani

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A problem most organizations face is how to retain skilled employees. As technology has gone from common to prevalent over the past twenty years, retaining skilled information technology (IT) professionals has become more difficult. Therefore, this study focused on examining job satisfaction of IT professionals in the D.C. area, paying particular attention(More)
— Employee engagement is one way to keep small teams as productive as possible, especially when resources are tight. Small businesses have an advantage of naturally being a highly agile and engaging workplace by taking advantage of cloud computing. This is one way they can overcome the resource limitations they typically face. Work and life balance,(More)
Despite rapid advances in all facets of technology, the software industry still struggles with the formidable task of developing software applications that meet quality standards, and budget constraints. The need for software to be error-free remained a challenge to the IT industry. Therefore, the primary purpose of this study is to answer why executives(More)
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