Rao R. Bhavani

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We present Haathi Mera Saathi (My Elephant Friend), a game concept which serves as a tool for teaching programming and computational thinking to underprivileged children in rural India. It provides a metaphor and gameplay for embodied and tangible games, and creates a soft early ramp up into the conceptual and digital space of learning to code. We discuss(More)
Any large scale construction related activity generally requires the use of cranes. A crane operator must be appropriately skilled to avoid any mishap at the construction site. This can be accomplished by training crane operators on all the safety procedures and methods of crane operation to be practiced. In this paper we explore a method whereby anyone who(More)
Medicine in India has an emerging need for balance rehabilitation due to its growing population of elderly, diabetics and stroke patients. In this paper, we describe the design of a cost effective system that provides static and dynamic balance training through interactive virtual reality games. The intention is to positively influence the activities of(More)
Skill development continues to remain a daunting task, especially in developing countries, owing to the numerous challenges posed by resource constraints such as unavailability of certified expert trainers and lack of tools to measure and quantify human motor skill learning. Attempts are being made to address these problems by introducing technology(More)
Because many concepts in physics are non-engaging and difficult to understand, instructors in physics are challenged to fully engage students in the study of physics. For even the best students, current practices are not fully engaging and do not provide a deep understanding of fundamental principles. While traditional laboratory exercises are a good way to(More)
Industrial robots have become a vital part of automation in industries performing operations like stacking, casting, painting, sorting, welding etc. The basic sensory abilities in most cases needs operating these robots inside robot fences which separate the operator from the robot. But now this line of separation is becoming thin and work environments are(More)
Picking up and sorting garbage is a tedious task, and the health effects of garbage on the streets of India is grave. Recycling trash into categories (e.g. hard plastic, soft plastic, organic, paper) requires training to do correctly at speed. Major national clean up campaigns as well as neighbourhood level initiatives require trained trainees who can(More)