Rao Mikkilineni

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— The skyrocketing demand for a new generation of cloud-based consumer and business applications is driving the need for next generation of datacenters that must be massively scalable, efficient, agile, reliable and secure. The authors see a parallel between the state of the datacenters today and the evolution of the Intelligent Network (IN) infrastructure(More)
Liposarcoma is rare in children and rarely occurs in the posterior mediastinum in any age group. A massive intrathoracic tumor in a 17-year-old young man was a diagnostic dilemma; preoperative radiographic evaluation and biopsy led us to believe it was a teratoma. At operation, a poorly differentiated myxoid liposarcoma originating from the posterior(More)
— Cloud computing is fundamentally altering the expectations for how and when computing, storage and networking resources should be allocated, managed and consumed. End-users are increasingly sensitive to the latency of services they consume. Service Developers want the Service Providers to ensure or provide the capability to dynamically allocate and manage(More)
— This paper describes a prototype implementing a high degree of fault tolerance, reliability and resilience in distributed software systems. The prototype incorporates fault, configuration, accounting, performance and security (FCAPS) management using a signaling network overlay and allows the dynamic control of a set of nodes called Distributed(More)
The focus of manageability and operability concerns for long has been the Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and capabilities. Over the years many proposals have been made for improving IT Services Management. In the new cloud environment, the users' ability to manage service performance is limited at best; the situation would get worse when(More)
Turing's o-machine discussed in his PhD thesis can perform all of the usual operations of a Turing machine and in addition, when it is in a certain internal state, can also query an oracle for an answer to a specific question that dictates its further evolution. In his thesis, Turing said 'We shall not go any further into the nature of this oracle apart(More)