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A novel small-molecule inhibitor, referred to here as R706, was discovered in a high-throughput screen of chemical libraries against Huh-7-derived replicon cells carrying autonomously replicating subgenomic RNA of hepatitis C virus (HCV). R706 was highly potent in blocking HCV RNA replication as measured by real-time reverse transcription-PCR and Western(More)
A homo-chiral synthesis of (7R,8aS)-octahydro-5,5-dimethylindolizin-7-amine 8 and (7S, 8aS)-octahydro-5,5-dimethylindolizin-7-ol 9, amine building blocks which have found applications within the pharmaceutical industry, is presented. The approach uses a Novozym 435-mediated kinetic resolution of racemic octahydroindolizine (indolizidine) alcohol 13 as a key(More)
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