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Three new species of Loneura (Psocodea:'Psocoptera':Ptiloneuridae) from Gorgona Island, Cauca, Colombia, with a new infrageneric classification
Three related species of Loneura Navas, from Gorgona Island (Cauca, Colombia), are here described and illustrated. The types are deposited in the Entomological Museum of the Universidad del Valle
A new species of Steleops Enderlein, and a Colombian record of S. pulcher New (Psocodea: ‘Psocoptera’: Psocidae)
The forewings and antennae are sexually dimorphic, and the head pattern of coloration, as well as the genital structure, separates Steleops buitrerensis n.
A pair of new sister species of Loneura (Psocodea, ‘Psocoptera’, Ptiloneuridae) from Valle del Cauca, Colombia, representing a new infrageneric group
Two sister species of Loneura constitute a new species group that modifies the scheme of classification, proposed earlier for the genus by García Aldrete et al. (2011b) by having the central sclerite of the male hypandrium with four posterior projections.
New species of Loneuroides García Aldrete (Psocodea: 'Psocoptera': Ptiloneuridae) from Colombia, and description of the male L. venezolanus García Aldrete.
Six species of Colombian Loneuroides García Aldrete are described and illustrated and an updated diagnosis of the genus is presented; two species groups are recognized in the genus.
Elaphopsocoides, a new genus of Psocidae (Psocodea: ´Psocoptera´) from Valle del Cauca, Colombia.
Two new species of Elaphopsocoides n. gen. from Valle del Cauca, Colombia, are here described and illustrated. The new genus is related to Elaphopsocus Roesler, but differs from it mostly in the
Ectopsocidae (Psocodea: 'Psocoptera') from Valle del Cauca and NNP Gorgona, Colombia.
Four of the Ectopsocus species are new to science and are here described and illustrated and the male of E. thorntoni García Aldrete is here described.
Acantholachesilla gen. n. (Psocodea:'Psocoptera': Lachesillidae: Eolachesillinae: Graphocaeciliini) from Valle del Cauca, Colombia.
Acantholachesilla saltoensis gen. et sp. n. is described from Valle del Cauca, Colombia, in the Lachesillidae, tribe Graphocaeciliini (Eolachesillinae). The genus is related to Dagualachesilla and
Lachesillidae (Psocodea: “Psocoptera”) de Valle del Cauca y PNN Gorgona, Colombia.
A partir del estudio de 440 micropreparaciones de ejemplares de la familia Lachesillidae recolectadas en Valle del Cauca y en el PNN Gorgona, Colombia, se identificaron 77 especies. Solo una especie
Lygaeoidea (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) from National Natural Parks (NNP) with new records of Colombia.
Lygaeoidea is one of the largest groups of the suborder Heteroptera but, due to their diversity, there are not taxonomic reviews of the group in Colombia. Taxonomic information is needed as a base
New species of Euplocania Enderlein (Psocodea: 'Psocoptera': Psocomorpha: Ptiloneuridae) from Colombia.
Seven species of Colombian Euplocania, are here described and illustrated, they increase to 16 the number of species in the genus, eight of which are endemic to Colombia. A new species group is also