Ranko R. Nedeljkovic

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Although diagnostic criteria for chondromalacia patellae exist, the disease is often accompanied by physical signs which are limited or non-diagnostic. Thermographic examination was performed in 157 patients with clinical diagnosis of chondromalacia patellae in 86 patients after surgical treatment for chondromalacia, and in 308 controls. Thermography can(More)
This article integrates fuzzy set theory in Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) framework to compute technical efficiency scores when input and output data are imprecise. In conventional DEA inputs and outputs data are precise. However, traffic and transportation take place in an uncertain environment and input and output data might be imprecise. This article(More)
In this paper the capacitated team orienteering problem have been applied as a tool for carriers to avoid empty returns when trucks do not work with full load. The software based on bee colony optimization technique is developed for solving the problem. Numerical example is solved and the result is shown to depict the possibility of the proposed algorithm.
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