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Voice-activated intelligent assistants, such as Siri, Google Now, and Cortana, are prevalent on mobile devices. However, it is challenging to evaluate them due to the varied and evolving number of tasks supported, e.g., voice command, web search, and chat. Since each task may have its own procedure and a unique form of correct answers, it is expensive to(More)
Voice interactions are becoming more prevalent as the usage of voice search and intelligent assistants gains more popularity. Users frequently reformulate their requests in hope of getting better results either because the system was unable to recognize what they said or because it was able to recognize it but was unable to return the desired response.(More)
Automatic speech recognition systems can benefit from cues in user voice such as hyperarticulation. Traditional approaches typically attempt to define and detect an absolute state of hyperarticulation, which is very difficult, especially on short voice queries. We present a novel approach for hyperarticulation detection using pairwise comparisons and(More)
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