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—The supply voltage to threshold voltage ratio is reduced with each new technology generation. The gate overdrive variation with temperature plays an increasingly important role in determining the speed characteristics of CMOS integrated circuits. The temperature-dependent propagation delay characteristics, as shown in this brief, will experience a complete(More)
integrated circuit and fluctuations in the environmental temperature can cause significant variations in the die temperature [1]. Fluctuations in the die temperature affect the device characteristics thereby varying the performance of an integrated circuit. In this paper , the supply and threshold voltage optimization techniques to achieve temperature(More)
Circuits optimized for minimum energy consumption operate typically in the subthreshold regime with ultra-low power-supply voltages. Speed of a subthreshold logic circuit is enhanced with an increase in the die temperature. The excessive timing slack observed in the clock period of subthreshold logic circuits at elevated temperatures provides opportunities(More)
Operating an integrated circuit at the prescribed nominal supply voltage is not preferable for reliable circuit operation under temperature fluctuations. A design methodology based on optimizing the supply voltage for temperature variation insensitive circuit performance is presented in this paper. Circuits display temperature variation insensitive delay(More)
– Temperature fluctuations alter threshold voltage, carrier mobility, and saturation velocity of a MOSFET. Temperature fluctuation induced variations in individual device parameters have unique effects on MOSFET drain current. Device parameters that characterize the variations in MOSFET current due to temperature fluctuations are identified in this paper(More)
Diabetes mellitus, in simple terms called as diabetes, is a metabolic disease, where a person is affected with high blood glucose level. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder caused due to the failure of body to produce insulin or to properly utilize insulin. This condition arises when the body does not produce enough insulin, or because the cells do not respond(More)
A design technique based on optimizing the supply voltage for simultaneously achieving energy efficiency and temperature variation insensitive circuit performance is proposed in this paper. The supply voltages that suppress the propagation delay variations when the temperature fluctuates are identified for a diverse set of circuits in 180 and 65 nm CMOS(More)