Ranjith Kumar Bakku

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CyanoPhyChe is a user friendly database that one can browse through for physico-chemical properties, structure and biochemical pathway information of cyanobacterial proteins. We downloaded all the protein sequences from the cyanobacterial genome database for calculating the physico-chemical properties, such as molecular weight, net charge of protein,(More)
Lipid body (LB) is recognized as the cellular carbon and energy storage organelle in many organisms. LBs have been observed in the marine haptophyte alga Tisochrysis lutea that produces special lipids such as long-chain (C37 -C40) ketones (alkenones) with 2-4 trans-type double bonds. In this study, we succeeded in developing a modified method to isolate LB(More)
In living organisms, modified fatty acids are crucial for the functions of the cellular membranes and storage lipids where the fatty acids are esterified. Some bacteria produce a typical methyl-branched fatty acid, i.e., 10-methyl stearic acid (19:0Me10). The biosynthetic pathway of 19:0Me10 in vivo has not been demonstrated clearly yet. It had been(More)
Alkenones are long-chain methyl/ethyl ketones (mainly in length of C37-C39) with two to four trans-unsaturated bonds produced by several kinds of marine haptophytes such as Emiliania huxleyi (coccolithophore). The physiological functions and metabolic profile of alkenones are not well known yet. In this study, we focused on elucidating how alkenones(More)
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