Ranjith Balakrishnan

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Brain tumors are due to abnormal growth of tissue in the brain. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is currently an indispensable diagnostic imaging technique for the early detection of any abnormal changes in tissues and organs. Brain tumors are the most aggressive and devastating types of cancer and therefore, its correct identification at an early stage(More)
Cloud computing is one of the fastest emerging technology. As we all know, cloud is a wide pool of resource which provides resources based on the users request. Any service can be provided as a service through cloud. As the cloud contains many resources, there may also wastage of resources. To reduce this wastage, cloud providers enter into auctioning of(More)
Retinal diseases are fatal and if not detected and treated during the early stages itself might result in the loss of eyesight. The true retinal artifacts can be distinguished using Scanning laser ophthalmoscopes (SLOs) is an important task for premature retinal detection. The importance of using SLO is which can image a wide part of the retina for better(More)
This paper presents a technology for three real time applications of prime importance such as post disaster infrastructure-damage assessment using GPS, estimation of building strength and building movement. GPS sensor nodes installed on building roof-top, provides with relative position information from both pre- and post-earthquake periods & are(More)
Cloud computing provides a cheap and economical resolution for sharing cluster resource among cloud users sharing knowledge during a multi-owner manner whereas protective knowledge and identity privacy from an untrusted cloud continues to be a difficult issue, as a result of the frequent modification of the membership. This project proposes a secure(More)
The records that are related to the persons health where maintained in the digital format, Electronic Health Record (EHR), which can be used in time of emergency by medical practitioners and other healthcare providers. This provides the detailed medical information of a patient. Since there is need to provide security to those confidential data that are(More)
For an improved system modularity and flexibility through code reuse, efficient memory usage, and reduced disk space dynamic loading of software components is widely used mechanism in operating system. However, Programming mistakes may create malicious components being loaded with regular dynamic loadings. In particular, dynamic loadings can be made as(More)
Cloud computing is the current technology used for sharing and accessing resources via internet. It provides a scalable and cost effective environment. Large number of servers in the data centers leads to huge consumption of power in the cloud computing scenario. Optimization of power consumption is a key challenge for effectively operating a datacenter.(More)
Sleep apnea is one of the common problem in world. Sleep apnea is generally known as interruption of breathing while sleeping. Every year 4% of the population are dying due to sleep apnea. The inspiration of this project is to find an efficient method for analyzing an " ECG Signal "which has good accuracy and less computation time. This paper deals with the(More)