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Total Recall: System Support for Automated Availability Management
Availability is a storage system property that is both highly desired and yet minimally engineered. While many systems provide mechanisms to improve availability - such as redundancy and failureExpand
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Understanding Availability
This paper addresses a simple, yet fundamental question in the design of peer-to-peer systems: What does it mean when we say “availability” and how does this understanding impact the engineering ofExpand
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SPC: a distributed, scalable platform for data mining
The Stream Processing Core (SPC) is distributed stream processing middleware designed to support applications that extract information from a large number of digital data streams. In this paper, weExpand
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NetPrints: Diagnosing Home Network Misconfigurations Using Shared Knowledge
Networks and networked applications depend on several pieces of configuration information to operate correctly. Such information resides in routers, firewalls, and end hosts, among other places.Expand
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Big Data Analytics over Encrypted Datasets with Seabed
Today, enterprises collect large amounts of data and leverage the cloud to perform analytics over this data. Since the data is often sensitive, enterprises would prefer to keep it confidential and toExpand
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The MicroGrid: a Scientific Tool for Modeling Computational Grids
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Replication Strategies for Highly Available Peer-to-Peer Storage
We are investigating strategies for using replication to design and implement highly reliable peer-to-peer systems. In particular, we are comparing the use of whole object and blocking replication,Expand
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Fast and scalable priority queue architecture for high-speed network switches
In this paper, we present a fast and scalable pipelined priority queue architecture for use in high-performance switches with support for fine grained quality of service (QoS) guarantees. PriorityExpand
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The MicroGrid: a Scientific Tool for Modeling Computational Grids
The complexity and dynamic nature of the Internet (and the emerging Computational Grid) demand that middleware and applications adapt to the changes in configuration and availability of resources.Expand
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RadioJockey: mining program execution to optimize cellular radio usage
Many networked applications that run in the background on a mobile device incur significant energy drains when using the cellular radio interface for communication. This is mainly due to theExpand
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