Ranjit Singh

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Use of simulations for design of systems requires assurance that the underlying modeling theories and simulation strategies are correctly realized. For example, not only it is crucial to employ modeling and simulation theories, but it is also critical to develop software architectures (environments) that guarantee correct implementation of simulation Model(More)
The popularity of web services within the IT industry continuous to grow. Accessing web services from a small device is very com-mon these days. There are number of challenges to access a web services on mobile device due to its limited resources and the lack of bandwidth in its communication network. In Mobile devices, Synchronous web services are not(More)
Data warehousing is gaining in eminence as organizations become awake of the benefits of decision oriented and business intelligence oriented data bases. However, there is one key stumbling block to the rapid development and implementation of quality data warehouses, specifically that of warehouse data quality issues at various stages of data warehousing.(More)
Modeling of manufacturing processes plays a key role in analysis and design of semiconductor supply chain networks. As the scale and subsequently complexity of a supply chain network grows, the characterization of its process model which consists of physical elements (e.g., assembly test and semi-finished goods) becomes highly important. In particular, it(More)
The proposed mechanism for jamming attack detection for wireless sensor networks is novel in three respects: firstly, it upgrades the jammer to include versatile military jammers; secondly, it graduates from the existing node-centric detection system to the network-centric system making it robust and economical at the nodes, and thirdly, it tackles the(More)
During the past two decades, there has been a steady migration towards object-oriented modeling and simulation environments. There exist many issues besides use of a modeling and simulation approach and an object-oriented programming language that are important to account for in developing modeling and simulation environments. For example, it is not only(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE We postulate that professional proximity due to common patients and geographical proximity among practice locations are significant factors influencing the adoption of health information exchange (HIE) services by healthcare providers. The objective of this study is to investigate the direct and indirect network effects of these(More)
Detecting diseases at early stage can help to overcome and treat them accurately. Identifying the appropriate treatment depends on the method that is used in diagnosing the diseases. Rule Based technique of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is appropriate methodology for medical diagnosis. This paper presents an architecture of Multi Media based Medical Decision(More)