Ranjit Kumar Baruah

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Cervical cancer is the most common cancer among women in South India. More than 70% of the cases present in stage IIB and IIIB and of these more than 50% fail conventional treatment. The purpose of the present study was to determine the prognostic significance of Bcl-2 and p53 expression in squamous cell carcinomas of the cervix. Using immunohistochemistry,(More)
Primary intratesticular sarcoma that is neither associated with germ cell elements nor paratesticular elements is a unique subset of intrascrotal sarcoma. It is a rare indolent tumor with potential for distant metastases. Although few data are available it is generally assumed to be quite uncommon. The definitive treatment recommendation are yet to be laid(More)
Accordion Maneuver is a strong "Bloodless Tool" in the Ilizarov technology, that helps to bring about healing of nonunion of fractures of long bones. A 50 years old male, a rare case of Pycnodysostosis, presented to us with recalcitrant nonunion of the fracture shaft of the femur after two failed surgical attempts, with a broken plate in the last attempt.(More)
UNLABELLED To report a case of segmental schwannomatosis involving the dorsal and lumbar spine and describe its excision as well as review of literature on schwannomatosis involving the spine. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Schwannomas are nerve sheath tumours which usually occur as solitary lesions. Presence of multiple schwannomas suggests a genetic(More)
Paget's Disease is a chronic bone remodelling disease characterised by aggressive bone resorption and imperfect deposition resulting in structurally abnormal bone. It is a common in Caucasian population, and is rare in non-Caucasians, particularly Asians, with only stray case reports from India. We report a case of Paget's Disease of bone from North-east(More)
To report a case of solitary sacral osteochondroma without neurological symptoms and describe the en bloc excision of the tumour, as well as review the literature on osteochondroma involving the sacrum. Summary of the background data: although osteochondromas are among the most common benign tumours of the bone, they uncommonly involve the spine. Its(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate perioperative blood loss and blood transfusion requirement in patients who underwent dynamic hip screw plate fixation for a stable trochanteric fracture with or without preoperative intravenous tranexamic acid (TXA). METHODS 49 men and 11 women (mean age, 56.5 years) who underwent open reduction and internal fixation with a dynamic hip(More)
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