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A solution methodology for the design of digital infinite impulse response (IIR) filter considering multiple conflicting objectives has been proposed. The nucleus of the method is that multiple objectives can be attuned suitably, to optimize the performance in pass bands, stop bands and transition bands of IIR digital filters. The proposed method uses(More)
A Hybrid optimization algorithm is applied for designing stable infinite impulse response (IIR) digital filter based on L 1-approximation error criterion. The proposed Hybrid method calculates the optimal filter coefficients by exploring and exploiting the search space locally as well globally. The filter designed based on L 1-approximation error possesses(More)
The paper develops innovative methodology for robust and stable design of digital infinite impulse response (IIR) filters using a heuristic search method. The proposed heuristic search method enhances the capability to explore and exploit the search space locally as well globally to obtain optimal filter design parameters. A multicriterion optimization is(More)
In the present investigation, the behavioral, morphological, and histopathological effects of cypermethrin, a widely used synthetic pyrethroid insecticide, was ascertained in male and female albino rats (Rattus norvegicus). Cypermethrin administered at repeated oral doses of 5 and 20 mg/kg/day for 30 days produced varying degree of mild to moderate toxic(More)
Continuous, remote monitoring of patients using wearable sensors can facilitate early detection of many conditions and can help to manage the growing healthcare crisis worldwide. A remote patient monitoring application consists of many emerging services such as wireless wearable sensor configuration, patient registration and authentication, collaborative(More)
The digital filters play an important role in the field of science and technology. Due to phase linearity and stability digital FIR filters are used in number of applications. The various design technology are developed for the designing of the digital filters using evolutionary techniques like particle swarm optimization(PSO), genetic algorithm(GA),(More)
Noisy Electrocardiogram (ECG) signal can mask some of the important features of the original ECG signal. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the noise for proper analysis of the ECG signal. In this paper, the use of Kohonen Neural Network (KNN) for automatically identifying the cutoff frequency of ECG signal for low-pass filtering is presented. ECG signal(More)