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0963-8687/$ see front matter 2011 Elsevier B.V doi:10.1016/j.jsis.2011.01.003 ⇑ Corresponding author. Tel.: +1 505 277 8875. E-mail addresses: bose@mgt.unm.edu (R. Bose), 1 Tel.: +1 505 277 7097. Green IT (information technology) has recently emerged into an active research area in the information systems (IS) discipline. A major gap that exists in the(More)
The health care industry is increasingly becoming a knowledge-based community that is connected to hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and customers for sharing knowledge, reducing administrative costs and improving the quality of care. Thus, the success of health care depends critically on the collection, analysis and seamless exchange of clinical, billing,(More)
Purpose – Advanced analytics-driven data analyses allow enterprises to have a complete or “360 degrees” view of their operations and customers. The insight that they gain from such analyses is then used to direct, optimize, and automate their decision making to successfully achieve their organizational goals. Data, text, and web mining technologies are some(More)
Data analysis and mining technologies help bring business intelligence into organizational decision support systems (DSS). While a myriad of data analysis and mining technologies are commercially available today, organizations are seeing a growing gap between powerful storage (data warehouse) systems and the business users' ability to analyze and act(More)
E-business initiative in many companies had started in the 1990s. These companies have recently begun to explore the use of Web Services (WS) technologies within their e-business context, since they provide an attractive, language-neutral, environment-neutral programming model that accelerates application development and integration inside and outside the(More)