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Soft computing is an enriching domain that helps to encode uncertainty and imprecision that exists in real world. Integration of soft computing techniques in the systems lends added advantage to the existing systems to allow solutions to otherwise unsolvable problems. Fuzzy architecture has been extensively researched and applied in medical domain. This(More)
Fuzzy classification has become of great interest because of its ability to utilize simple linguistically inter-pretable rules and has overcome the limitations of symbolic or crisp rule based classifiers. This paper introduces an extension to fuzzy classifier: a neutrosophic classifier, which would utilize neutrosophic logic for its working. Neutrosophic(More)
Clustering is an unsupervised technique of Data Mining. It means grouping similar objects together and separating the dissimilar ones. Each object in the data set is assigned a class label in the clustering process using a distance measure. This paper has captured the problems that are faced in real when clustering algorithms are implemented .It also(More)