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Soft computing is an enriching domain that helps to encode uncertainty and imprecision that exists in real world. Integration of soft computing techniques in the systems lends added advantage to the existing systems to allow solutions to otherwise unsolvable problems. Fuzzy architecture has been extensively researched and applied in medical domain. This(More)
In this paper, we have we have introduced a new intelligent soft-computing method of neutrosophic search with ranks and a new neutrosophic rank sets for neutrosophic relational data model (NRDM). Essentially the data and documents on the Web are heterogeneous; inconsistency is unavoidable in Web mining. Using the presentation and reasoning method of our(More)
— In this paper we present a method of decomposing a neutrosophic database relation with Neutrosophic attributes into basic relational form. Our objective is capable of manipulating incomplete as well as inconsistent information. Fuzzy relation or vague relation can only handle incomplete information. Authors are taking the Neutrosophic Relational database(More)
Quite recently, Neutrosophic Logic has been proposed by Florentine Smarandache which is based on non-standard analysis that was given by Abraham Robinson in 1960s. Neutrosophic Logic was developed to represent mathematical model of uncertainty, vagueness, ambiguity, imprecision, incompleteness, inconsistency, redundancy and contradiction in data(More)
— The work on this paper is an application of fuzzy set theory in relational databases. The authors introduce a new notion of fuzzy functional dependencies (ffd) in relational databases. It is observed that the existing notions of fuzzy functional dependencies (ffd) have a common drawback. Consequently the need for introducing a new type of fuzzy functional(More)