Ranjit Bahadur

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We address possible sampling biases reported in an earlier work (Bahadur et al., 2011) relating decreases in black carbon (BC) measurements from the IMPROVE monitoring network to diesel emissions in Cal-ifornia. A decrease in average BC concentration of between 40 and 60% is found at each site between 1988 and 2007, consistent with the statewide average of(More)
Surface tensions for liquid-vapor (lv), solid-liquid (sl), and solid-vapor (sv) interfaces are calculated from molecular dynamics simulations of the NaCl-water-air system. Three distinct calculation techniques based on thermodynamic properties are used to describe the multicomponent mixtures. Simulations of each bulk phase (including a liquid saturated(More)
In this article, we describe a simple optics-based non-destructive experimental technique devised with the necessary background theoretical formulation to study the liquid properties like surface tension and surface capillary wave profile like wavelength and phase velocity of pure and impure water. Experimentally, we have estimated the surface tension of(More)
[1] Black carbon (BC) has many effects on climate including the direct effect on atmospheric absorption, indirect and semi-direct effects on clouds, snow effects, and others. While most of these are positive (warming), the first indirect effect is negative and quantifying its magnitude in addition to other BC feedbacks is important for supporting policies(More)
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