Ranjib Banerjee

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In a chain of mutually coupled oscillators, the coupling threshold for synchronization between the outermost identical oscillators decreases when a type of impurity (in terms of parameter mismatch) is introduced in the inner oscillator(s). The outer oscillators interact indirectly via dynamic relaying, mediated by the inner oscillator(s). We confirm this(More)
A nonlinear type open-plus-closed-loop (OPCL) coupling is investigated for antisynchronization of two complex networks under unidirectional and bidirectional interactions where each node of the networks is considered as a continuous dynamical system. We present analytical results for antisynchroni-zation in identical networks. A numerical example is given(More)
A method of targeting synchronization and its control is reported in chaotic oscillators. This proposes design of appropriate coupling using an open-plus-closed-loop (OPCL) scheme based on Hurwitz stability to establish a desired state of synchrony between the oscillators. In the synchronization state, a chaotic attractor can be scaled up or down in size(More)
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