Ranjeeth Kumar

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This document provides an explanatory source document for the Human Markup Language Primary Base XML Schema Specification. This is the first of two foundation specifications for the family of Human Markup Language Specifications. This specification provides the primary terms and definitions of the Human Markup Language vocabulary. It is a set of fundamental(More)
—This work is carried out to investigate the flow structure around a circular cylinder with V-grooves numerically. Drag coefficient and turbulence statistics of wake behind each cylinder were analyzed for Reynolds number based on the cylinder diameter (D = 40mm) in the range Re D = 2 × 10 4. The V-type grooves reduce the drag coefficient acting on the(More)
—Now-a-days, more and more interest is paid to reversible data hiding (RDH) in encrypted images, since it maintains the excellent property that the original image can be losslessly recovered after embedded data is extracted while protecting the image content's privacy. Unlike previous methods, a Novel method is proposed by reserving room before encryption(More)
Factorization methods are used extensively in computer vision for a wide variety of tasks. Existing factorization techniques extract factors that meet requirements such as compact representation, inter-pretability, efficiency, dimensionality reduction etc. However, when the extracted factors lack interpretability and are large in number, identification of(More)
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