Ranjeeta Khare

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The power system is a dynamic system and it is constantly being subjected to disturbances. It is important that these disturbances do not drive the system to unstable conditions. For this purpose, additional signal derived from deviation, excitation deviation and accelerating power are injected into voltage regulators. The device to provide these signals is(More)
Here main goal of the paper is to consider maximization of employment creation (EC) and human development index (HDI) along with optimal sizing of renewable mix in island mode consist of solar power (SP), wind power (WP) and diesel generator power (DGP) generation units. Battery energy power (BEP) is also in role to mitigate load demand. Surplus energy(More)
Power systems are subjected to low frequency disturbances that might cause loss of synchronism and an eventual breakdown of entire system. The oscillations, which are typically in the frequency range of 0.2 to 3.0 Hz, might be excited by the disturbances in the system or, in some cases, might even build up spontaneously. These oscillations limit the power(More)
To overcome the challenges of less reliability, lack of efficient power management strategies and complex decision making a multiagent based application is proposed for smart power management and optimal sizing of renewable mix in island mode. Here paper discussed overall design concept of the system, modeling of agents models along with optimal sizing of(More)
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