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Hypertension continues to be an important public health concern because of its associated morbidity, mortality and economic impact on the society. It is a significant risk factor for cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and renal complications. It has been estimated that by 2025, 1.56 billion individuals will have hypertension. The increasing prevalence of(More)
BACKGROUND Piperine is isolated from Piper nigrum popularly known as black pepper. Previous studies have demonstrated the beneficial effects of piperine in various health conditions. Additionally, it is a powerful bioenhancer for many drugs. Piperine extract is believed to potentiate the effect of drugs by several folds. The present study is focused on its(More)
BACKGROUND Soft-tissue tumours comprise a large heterogeneous group of mesenchymal neoplasms that is classified according to their normal tissue counterpart. They are ubiquitous in nature and can pose a challenge in terms of diagnosis and therefore, in their management. Biopsy findings bear direct implications on the treatment outcomes. AIMS The current(More)
Under the National Leprosy Elimination Programme it takes at least one year for the paramedical worker to survey the allotted population for case detection. An alternative strategy in warranted for States like Bihar still having a high case load and poorly functioning leprosy programme. An intensive case finding programme using Primary Health Care (PHC)(More)
BACKGROUND Most of the current anti-fungal treatments are chemical-based, fungistatic, have low efficacy in the treatment of tinea and toxicity concerns, while onychomycosis remains recalcitrant to most antifungal therapies. The study aimed to establish the fungicidal, efficacy and safety profile of Calmagen® dermaceutical cream and lotion containing(More)
BACKGROUND Currently, benzodiazepines are the preferred drugs in the management of alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Chlordiazepoxide and diazepam, the most frequently used drugs have a long duration of action and are converted to active metabolites in the liver, while lorazepam is shorter acting, with no active metabolites. OBJECTIVE To compare and evaluate(More)
Keywords: Acne Vulgaris Grade 1 and 2 cost-effective combination therapy Topical retinoids, topical antibiotics. BACKGROUND: Acne is a chronic inflammatory disease of the piloseabaceous gland found on face, neck, chest and back which is caused by propionibacterium acnes. Acne is highly prevalent in adolescents and adults. This affects not just the(More)
Title: A Pilot Single Centre, Double Blind, Placebo Controlled, Randomized, Parallel Study of Calmagen® Dermaceutical Cream and Lotion for the Topical Treatment of Tinea and Onychomycosis Authors: Manoj Parekh (drmanojparekh@yahoo.com) Girisha Ramaiah (docgirish78@gmail.com) Prachi Pashilkar (prachi.pashilkar@ecronacunova.com) Ranjani Ramanujam(More)
Background: In the post-operative period, it has always been an important consideration for clinicians, to keep the patient comfortable, calm and pain free. So there is a constant need for an ideal sedative for postoperative patients. Alpha 2 adrenoreceptor agonists such as dexmedetomidine could provide an answer to this problem because they have several(More)
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